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Connecting the 21st century
tech with Ancient Wisdom

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PREGVEDA is a wholesome garbhasanskar - oriented mobile application designed to walk alongside every pregnant couple as they engage in the planning of their dream family. The knowledge and practices shared within the app have been curated by different ayurved experts, gynecology professionals, traditional gurus, yogasana masters, and various other experts from the field.




Welcome to our world which takes you as much as forward in a time of cutting-edge technologies as it takes you back in dwelling over the roots of Indian Sciences. We are a software company that aims to build life-touching mobile applications to make a difference in the life of the user, far beyond the commercial sphere. 

We swear by our motto of सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः, सर्वे संतु निरामया, सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु, मा कशचिद दुख भाग भवेत meaning 'May all be happy, may all be disease-free, witness all auspicious events, and no one has to be a part of suffering.'

We achieve this by thoughtfully digitalizing unconventional Indian sciences. These products are analyzed and assessed over multiple brainstorming sessions by closely-knit & highly motivated individuals who practice high integrity at work and who truly believe in these kinds of socially impactful products. 

Our team is the pure balance of well-known medical professionals & trainers and experienced engineers with a background of Amazon, GE Healthcare & IIT’s who support the conceptual & technological backend, making it our strongest point in delivering the best to the world. Our interfaces are widely known for their simplistic approach, user-friendly accessibility, and smooth functioning. 

We develop the tomorrow, for today.


Dr. Mrs. Vaidehi S. Deodhar has completed her Ayurveda (BAMS) and M.D (AM). She has authored the book, 'Conception as craftsmanship' in the year 2015 which has been read by over 12000+ readers. She has also written, ‘Shuddha Beeja Poti’ and ‘Aai Mee Honar’, books in Marathi based on the core principles of Garbhsanskar and Garbhvigyan respectively. She has been the spokesperson at multiple seminars of Garbhsanskar, in India and overseas. She advocates the effect that a family can have over a pregnancy at home.

Dr. Sanjeevan S. Deodhar has completed his M.B.B.S, MSc. (pharmaceutical medicine), and M.B.A. He has devoted his life to the research & understanding of the development of human progeny. He has been an active member of the Punarutthan Vidyapeeth, Ahmadabad. With his immense knowledge from the study of Garbhvigyan, Varnashram and Panchakosh, he is a strong believer, advocate, consultant, and spokesperson of the important role Garbh Samskar plays in the process of childbirth.

Having studied Computer Science and Engineering at IIT-BHU and Delhi Technological University, Amit has undertaken many developments, design, innovation, team-lead, and team development positions at companies like Amazon, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Code for Cause, and GE Healthcare. What inspires him most about software is building software systems which makes a real & tangible difference in the life of people. Amit likes to help societies that are distributing a blend of modern and ancient knowledge for the upliftment of society.


Dr. Mrs. Vaidehi S. Deodhar 


Dr. Sanjeevan S. Deodhar

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Amit Kumar Garg



If you're looking for a job, contact us here:

+91 9619144566

102, Hari Akruti, Pakhal Road, Dwarka,

Nashik -  422011

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