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is a wholesome garbhasanskar - oriented mobile application designed to walk alongside every pregnant couple as they engage in the planning of their dream family. 


The knowledge shared and the practices stated in the app aims to ensure a healthy pregnancy of the mother, the holistic development of the child to come, a greater bonding of the two and most importantly, to facilitate a natural delivery.

All the content has been curated by different ayurved experts, gynecology professionals, traditional gurus, yogasana masters, and various other experts from the field.

Available in: HINDI & ENGLISH


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Guidance videos

by field experts on importance of various activities, aspects of pregnancy , traditional Indian (ayurvedic) wisdom & science behind it, to beget children every parent desires.

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by expert dieticians and nutritionists that best suits the health and growth of the fetus based on the month of pregnancy, along with daily delicious and healthy recipe  ideas.

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audios/ videos curated by experts with a deep study of the effect of each raga on the fetus and on the mother during pregnancy to promote calmness.

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video watchlist, carefully compiled and filtered for healthy entertainment of the mother & the foetus.

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in form of activities, stories, message from the fetus, recipes and tips based on your pregnancy's stage, to ensure healthy pregnancy and all round development of the child to come.

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by experts based on your pregnancy month along with videos, step wise instructions, specific benefits and cautions, to promote healthy pregnancy and child birth.

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from experts that teach the methods of garbhasamvad (communication with the fetus) to create a stronger bond with the baby to come. 

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for 3 days of all the premium features to experience the difference garbhavigyan brings in life of couples. 

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